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About the Body Magic by Dr.Leonel Kelly – Orthopedic

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Dr.Leonel Kelly – Orthopedic

Fat is 90% water. Body Magic compresses your fat cells and helps

your lymphatic system eliminate the fat through three channels: sweat, urine and bowels. And that's how you lose the excess fat. And since fat is predominantly water, like water, it takes on the shape of whatever "container" it's in…i.e., the Body Magic. So what happens is, as a person wears the garment on a regular basis, their body starts to take on the form that it is in when they have on the Body Magic (which is why it's called a reshaping garment).

Example: If you've ever worn a ring or a bracelet for a length of time, you'll notice that where you had it on, your finger or wrist (depending on how tight the bracelet is/was), takes on the shape of the jewelry. The rest of your body is no different. It's how Africans elongated their necks (stacking huge rings around their necks over time), how Aborigines stretch their earlobes and lips (by sticking huge disks in them). After taking before and after x-rays of a woman wearing the Body Magic, I have seen first hand the change that it can make to the body.

As a doctor of chiropractic, I am very concerned with spinal alignment and the stress that is placed on the spine on a daily basis. The Body Magic provided structural support to the lower back, placing it in a more anatomically neutral position. I would recommend this product to those who are getting spinal correction and need extra support throughout the their day to help alleviate the stress on their lower back.

Nothing can replace a chiropractic adjustment to correct spinal misalignments, but the Body Magic helps place the lower back in a better position to deal with day-to-day stress.

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