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The Angel Bra is made of a sturdy lace and Power Net material that provides excellent benefits to firm, equalize, and reshape the bust. All of this is done without underwire, boning or foampadding. This bra helps eliminate fragmentation of the bust due to improperly fitting bras with underwire. The inner cotton suspension band and the support straps are designed for maintaining the perfect lift every woman desires. Comes in and choose from over 250 sizes.


  • Provides proper support and makes your bust look firm and beautiful
  • Improves your posture
  • Helps eliminate the appearance of bust fragmentation
  • Helps to alleviate breast tenderness
  • Reaffirms and reshapes bust location
  • Provides correct positioning to help properly circulate oxygen-rich blood & nutrients
  • Relieves weight shoulders and relaxes back muscles
  • Suspension band helps to minimize or add volume (when used as a push-up bra)