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Sweet Balance Coffee 7 Days


Instant Coffee Beverage

A healthy coffee that you will love!

The Sweet Balance Coffee is a delicious blend that contains special ingredients that are recognized by the association of Diabetes to promote better health*. Our special blend contains ingredients such as Ganoderma Lucidum, Artichoke, Nopal Gymnema, Calcium Silicate, Cinnamon and Moringa. We have also added an additional capsule with more of these key ingredients, to maximize your well-being.

Our every day health benefits: 

  • Reduces levels of glucose in blood 
  • Prevent Diabetes 
  • Improves autoimmune response 
  • Natural Sweetener 

Now all coffee lovers who take care of their health, can enjoy a great cup of coffee everyday!

**Try it for free, just pay shipping cost!

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